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The False Benefits Of The Bandwagon

Why most people jump on a mainstream bandwagon instead of thinking for themselves

A collective culture of mainstream extremism coupled with group-think has created an environment where refusing to jump on one of the mainstream-media bandwagons is nearly impossible.

There’s so much information and it’s all lost in a sea of politics, fear, greed, guilt, hate and insecurity.

It is much easier to jump on a bandwagon, following a blind agenda — that was not created or thought out by you — than it is to do your own research and think for yourself.

It’s a lot of work doing actual research instead of reading articles or listening to the entire press conference instead of the pieces picked out and laid before you.

When you choose a pre-written narrative and jump on that bandwagon, life seems easier. You don’t have to think or spend your time listening to the whole presentation, fact checking or doing research.

To your greatest relief, you don’t have to choose.

You don’t have to choose what to believe or how to think. You have a plethora of preconceived thoughts and beliefs at your disposal — beliefs that align with the narrative you chose to accept.

When you jump on that bandwagon, you don’t have to accept responsibility for your choices either, because they are already supported by the agenda you chose.

These are all false benefits that may feel better in the moment, but do not benefit anyone in the long-run and are ruining relationships across the globe.

I know it’s a lot. The sorting is endless. The rabbit holes are deep and full of uncertainty. It was meant to be a lot, too much even.

That’s how they make not jumping on the bandwagon of one extreme or the other nearly impossible. It’s so hard to avoid jumping on, that most people do. And because most people do — those who do not are greatly outnumbered.

This isolation wears at your resolve, doing its best to force you into either submission or indifference.

To all of those who have jumped on, I want you to know—I’m sad that you left. To all those who haven’t — it may be lonely, but I promise you are not alone.

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Published by hollykellums

Internationally Published Author * Influencer * Recovery Coach * Human Potential Activist

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