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Darkness and Light

We can’t fully embrace one without the other

I am grateful for darkness; it really helps me appreciate the light. I close my eyes and imagine what it would be like if I could never open them again. I consider how it might feel to have once had the vision to view all of the majestic beauty in the world and then suddenly be struck blind.

My mind quickly flashes to the people who have always been blind and who can only guess what all of the colors and lights look like. I wonder what it must be like attempting to comprehend something that you have absolutely no experience with. Imagine trying to conceptualize a sunset or a rainbow without having ever witnessed light or colors.

I can barely begin to grasp how it would feel to only know something by the way others describe it and even then not having a true source of reference to fully understand the description. Contemplating the possibilities fills me with a deeper appreciation for common privileges like sight, that I regularly take for granted.

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.

― Og Mandino

The ability to experience both light and darkness helps me to distinguish the distinct characteristics of both. Because I have experienced the light and the dark, my understanding has been greatly impacted and transformed. If I had never seen the light and all of the bright, colorful magnificence that nature has to offer all five senses, wouldn’t my perspective on the world be harshly distorted; and therefore my perception of life becomes warped as a result?

These thoughts are inspired by having witnessed enough darkness to realize the true value of the light. Without experiencing this darkness, the deep respect and gratitude I have for the light would be greatly diminished. I feel the same about the figurative darkness in the world. Without the presence of so-called bad or evil things, I would most likely take all of the good and pure things in my life for granted. We can’t fully embrace one without the other. Life is all about contrast and balance.

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