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The Easter of The Ages

Celebrating Easter as our world is born again

Easter 2021 is the Easter of the ages because we are not only celebrating the rebirth we celebrate yearly, but we are celebrating the rebirth of our planet, following a year of death, chaos and destruction.

There is nothing we can do about our rebirth. Our old world has passed away, whether we like it or not.

A new world means a new us.

Beliefs vary widely regarding the birth of our Easter traditions. But these beliefs all have something in common.

Whether the word Easter started with Eostre — the goddess of fertility, or the word alba that became eostarum in old high german, there is no denying that every single culture and every historical account comes back to the same principle — the circle of life.

The circle of life depends on construction and destruction, birth and death, dark and light. And this has been the case since the beginning of life on this planet.

So just as we celebrate the rebirth of Eostre or the resurrection of Jesus, we are also celebrating our own rebirth and the rebirth of the planet. After all, no matter what our spiritual or religious beliefs are, we cannot deny that the world was changed with every historical rebirth — fancied or real.

And just like the world changed when Jesus rose again, the world changed when Eostre was reborn, and the world changes with every season and every day — we are also changed.

Some seasons, some years and some days simply change us more than others.

This year, as we celebrate Easter, we are also celebrating the rebirth of our entire planet, after the world we once knew was wiped away by a deadly virus.

So as we embark upon the journey of birthing our new world, we are also reborn. The person we were pre-pandemic is long gone, and the person we will be post-pandemic begins to emerge.

We do not get to choose whether we will be a new us, as a new us is required to live in a new world. But we do get to choose our level of awareness and intention around this new us that is coming to be.

Just as our physical bodies must be born to die, so must our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies die to be born. But our ethereal bodies die and are reborn many times before our physical bodies die — just as there are many days and nights before the end of the season.

We stay here in this physical body until the end of this life, but while we are in this physical body, we experience many deaths and births — that take place inside of us and outside of us.

As the world outside of us is born again — the world that we live in — the many worlds inside of us are reborn too.

Let us honor rebirth this Easter by remembering that death is a requirement for its existence. In this way, we can accept the death of our past world. We can rejoice in our ability to be aware and intentional as our world and ourselves are born anew.

Originally published on and written by Holly Kellums

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Featured image by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

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    1. That is great to hear! Thank you for your feedback. It is not an easy topic for everyone to agree on, so I tried to write it in a way that would bring value, no matter what the readers beliefs. Happy to hear that was your experience. 🙂


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