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Do Not Give Up — Even When It’s Hard

A message of hope in devastating times on why you shouldn’t give up and how not giving up is the most important thing

Every word I think of writing to start this makes me cringe because it has all been said 1,000 times in 1,000 different ways.

The words are all overused and played out.






I could go on but you can see where I am going here.

So, times have been hard. And those hard times have been hard on people.

As an American, there are days where the future of our entire country looks so dark that there is no hope in sight. There are so many problems at such a great scale with so many other co-existing problems that it can appear impossible. The maze is set and it is set with the greatest strategy of the greatest oppressive minds. The further you go down the rabbit hole, the more turns you find and the more impossible it seems to find a solution.

It is not even an American situation though. It is a world situation.

As someone with an audience on social media, I have thought at great length about my role and responsibility. To have a voice and not use it during these times may be a great abuse of privilege. For with such privilege comes great responsibility.

Every day, as the world unfolds and seems to fall apart, I carefully weigh what I will say and what I won’t say. And, I write. But sometimes the most powerful use of this privilege — the privilege of having a large online platform where people are listening — is not in the deep and profound wanderings of our hearts or the most brilliant concepts of our minds, but in small sentences with few words.

A couple days ago, a day where hope appeared out of sight in America, I sat in my office looking at my fb page and reading people’s comments and messages. My greatest platform on Social Media is my Holly Kellums fb page, where I have over a quarter million friends, fans and followers. This is where my people are, from all over the world.

What do I say to them?

I have to say something. But, I am speechless. I have no words. I am in shock —mortified by what our reality has become. When you don’t even know what is true anymore you have to make sentences that work no matter what is true.

These were the only words I could bring forward:

Screen Image by Author via fb

This is not the normal “do not give up” either. This is the ‘don’t give up even when it appears impossible and there is no hope in sight’ version.

It is a lot easier to not give up under ordinary circumstances. But what about not giving up when the world is crashing down upon us?

This is that relentless, surviving the zombie apocalypse type of not giving up.

Do not give up because no matter what the solution is, if one exists, we will never find it if we give up. Do not give up because, even if we were to face any kind of end, the way we end will affect the next beginning. Do not give up because, even if we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel in our life, our children might.

Most of all, don’t give up because I am not giving up and when we get to the other side, if we do, I want you to be here with me too. I want to have not given up together.

Out of all the work I did this month, and all my work is done with words, those were the best four words I said.

Do not give up.

Written by Holly Kellums

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Published by hollykellums

Internationally Published Author * Influencer * Recovery Coach * Human Potential Activist

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