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The Forgotten Power of the Whole

We are better together

The power of the whole is the most obvious yet forgotten power of all time. It is the maker of all things and the bringer of all success.

It greatly saddens me to see a world full of people who are so blind to the power of the whole. Everything that everyone is searching for would be so much more attainable if we all understood this one thing.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

― Aristotle

We are better together. We are stronger together. We are all we have, and if we just placed our common welfare first, we would be unstoppable. But, we don’t.

We fight, compete, and separate. We look at every fragment of the whole as the whole, which leaves every other piece wanting. Often, we look at our fellows as our enemies. We think that it is either them or us and that we have to be “better” than them lest we will be forgotten or left behind.

This is the greatest untruth of our time and until we uncover the truth we will struggle.

The truth is right here, right now, inside all of us.

“Individually you and I are powerful, but together we are an unstoppable force.”

─ Bobby J Mattingly

We may each hold only one torch, but if we put our flames together we can light up this world.

Written by Holly Kellums

Originally published on

Featured image by rawpixel on Unsplash

Published by hollykellums

Internationally Published Author * Influencer * Recovery Coach * Human Potential Activist

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