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Sadness Addiction

We become addicted to our sadness because it makes us feel alive in a world where we feel dead inside.Feeling anything is better than feeling nothing.
We become addicted to our sadness because pain is beautiful.
There is no pain without passion and no heartbreak without love.
Our shared pain connects us and our compassion holds us together.

I Miss You, World — And I’m Tired, So Tired

Most of all, I’m tired of feeling like I shouldn’t be tired and I’m tired of all the truth I can’t tell. I’m tired of having so little we can say without further separating ourselves from others. I’m tired of being so quiet and I’m tired of the world being so loud, repetitive and surface-oriented. I’m tired of the world covering up the problems and fighting over what the problem is instead of finding the solution. I’m sick and tired of band-aids and treating the symptoms of the problem instead of finding our way to the solution.