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5 Awesome Quotes by Unknown Authors

Let’s face it, we live in some crazy times and we can all use as much inspiration as we can get. Some of the little motivational sayings we come across on the internet can seem cliché and downright cheesy. But sometimes all it takes is just a one of these tiny collections of simple words to help motivate us and put us back on the right track. I have always loved to read and I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes.

Do Not Give Up — Even When It’s Hard

As an American, there are days where the future of our entire country looks so dark that there is no hope in sight. There are so many problems at such a great scale with so many other co-existing problems that it can appear impossible. The maze is set and it is set with the greatest strategy of the greatest oppressive minds. The further you go down the rabbit hole, the more turns you find and the more impossible it seems to find a solution.

Don’t go to Sleep on Your Dreams

We all have dreams. We all have amazing things that we wish to do with our lives. Every one of us has daydreamed as a child to grow up and live a life full of excitement and adventure. Yes, that may look different to each of us but the fact remains, that when we were young, we all wished to truly live life.

This World is Full of Givers and Takers

Givers believe in the power of the universe and trust that there is enough of everything for everyone. Giving is an act of faith. A true giver does not give for a reward, to receive gratitude, or to control, but gives for the energy of giving itself. Givers know that by bringing to life they ultimately fill life with more to be given and received by all, including them.