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You Cannot be Everything to Everyone

We are something to many people. But there is literally not enough of you to be everything to everyone. Know this. Allow this knowing to go deep into your heart. Then, live by faith that everyone will find happiness in their own time. Believe that this will be the right time for them. Have faith, that through the guidance of your soul, you will help the right people at the right times. Let this be enough.

The Blame Game

Why do we think finding someone to blame, any time we feel discontent, will make things better? For some reason, we are prone to believe that if we can find someone to blame for a situation, we will feel better about it. This could not be further from the truth, which is why I have always been so fascinated by this concept. Blaming others is making a conscious decision to give our own power away. Whether someone else’s behavior led to our current situation or not, focusing on blaming them will not help us or make us feel better. If anything, using our energy to blame only diminishes our effectiveness.

The Power of Forgiveness - Everyone Has Been Hurt by Someone They Love

Simply hearing someone say, “forgiveness is for you”, isn’t enough to process our emotional pain in a way that allows us to forgive — especially when our pain is caused by someone we believe should love us. This could be anyone from a parent or sibling to a partner or best friend.