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Stop Wasting Your Precious Life

When you are stuck in a negative lifestyle

We see people all around us who are stuck in negative life cycles. They are in toxic relationships, unstable, bankrupt, homeless, addicted; the list goes on. I have been this person before and I have changed my entire life drastically. I have moved from hate to happiness, from despair to hope and from self-pity to self-empowerment.

If you are struggling now and it feels like it will never get better, it can.

You have the power to change your situation.

You have the choice. You have everything that you need already in you. You are so much more than you allow yourself to be. You can change your situation. You can be free.

You can be free of the guilt, fear and worry. You can be free of the self-doubt and indecision. You can be free of resentment, blame and competition. You can have everything you want and need.

All you have to do is allow yourself to be and do your best. If you are not where you wish to be on your path, you are not doing your best. If you do not think you can do better, you do not truly believe in yourself. There is something, if not many things that you could do better. But you CAN do better. You can do whatever you choose.

Become a bringer to-er.

Focus on bringing to life. Make a commitment that everywhere you go, you will bring something good. You will leave things better than you found them. You will be always constructive and never destructive. Everything you do will be filled with your positive intentions. Things will just work out for you. You don’t have to try to get what you need, all you do is your best at bringing to life and everything else just naturally comes.

This is the most valuable and most powerful currency in the entire world — our energy backed by positive intentions for the good of all in complete faith.


Believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can do and get through anything. Believe this because it’s true. You can. All you have to do is have complete faith in yourself and you can do literally anything. You are that awesome. You have so much awesomeness inside of you. If only you let it come out, you will be unstoppable.

Get honest with yourself about your life.

Take responsibility for where you are, for you have in some way created this. And because you create your life, you have the ability to create something different. But you cannot start building a beautiful life for yourself until you accept the fact that you create your life in the first place. Accepting the fact that you create your life means you believe in yourself and your ability to make change.

Originally published on Holly Kellums

Never ever, ever give up. Never.

Keep building and keep believing. Keep dreaming and, no matter what, keep going. You will find yourself. It is then that you will find what you’re looking for.

Written by Holly Kellums

Originally published on

Featured image by Ahmed Rizkhaan on Unsplash

Published by hollykellums

Internationally Published Author * Influencer * Recovery Coach * Human Potential Activist

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